TURYID, Tourism Restaurant Investors and Gastronomy Enterprises Association is a pioneering civil society structure established in 2003 with the basic ideas of bringing the sector together for the first time in parallel with the rapidly developing gastronomy world and producing solutions to the problems of the food, beverage and entertainment industries. It continues to work with a mission that brings the contribution of gastronomy to exports, tourism, country brand, diplomacy and culture, starting with agriculture, to the agenda for the first time under the title of GastroEconomy and making the social dimensions of gastronomy visible.

Leading the sector and producing innovative and rational solutions, TURYID represents 25% of the Food and Beverage sector in Turkey with its strong member brands and an annual turnover of more than 3 billion dollars.

TURYID member organizations maintain and update our traditional hospitality characteristics with a service understanding that goes beyond the European Union standards.

It provides a strong contribution to employment, economy and development in every link of the value chain by providing direct, indirect and additional employment as an important part of the tourism and hospitality sector.

TURYID reflects the ancient culinary culture of Anatolia as a perfect experience to all of its guests and works to increase the number of guests coming to Turkey.

This eating and drinking experience, which reflects our culture and values, is part of a strategy that reflects the modern face of the country in metropolises such as London, Paris, Dubai, Moscow, New York, promotes the products of these lands, increases the export potential, and perhaps most importantly, adds value to the country's brand.